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Make Room

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How often don’t you hear someone say, “I just don’t have time”? For the average person life has always been and continues to be almost always busy.

In all this flurry we do need to stop and really weigh things up. Someone said we need to sort out the urgent (often ultimately unimportant) things from the important things. That’s worth thinking about. We need to nail down our priorities.

This song was written specifically for the crazy Christmas period when the birth of Jesus tends to so easily get lost in a lot of clutter, but the words apply at any time. The only way you can fit Jesus in your life is to empty out some of the irrelevant and non-eternal stuff. We really do need to make room.

Rom 12:1-2, Prov. 11:28, Jer 17:5-8, Matt 6:19-21, 24, Phil 3:7-9, 2 Cor 4:18.



Make room for the Saviour, the Saviour is coming.

Make room for the Saviour, the Saviour is near.

Make room in your life and your heart for the Saviour.

Make room for Jesus is here.

Make room for Jesus is here.


Make room for hope

Make room for Joy

Make room for the love of the Lord.

Make room for peace

Make room for life.

Make room, make room.





In the midst of the clutter of life make room for the Lord to come in

Keep your eye on what matters

Keep your mind on the Word

Keep your heart on what counts

Keep your focus on God

Let the Spirit move in you

Make Jesus your life

Make room for the Lord to come in.




Make room for love

The love of the Father

The love that does not count the cost

Love unrestrained

Love unconditional

A baby, a manger, a cross.


Chorus X2


C. Chris Jaensch   2007