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Chris Jaensch' Biography

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Chris lives in South Australia, in the North-Eastern suburbs of Adelaide.

He is married to Helane, a Lutheran primary school teacher. They have three adult children, Anneka, Jackson and Tennyson. Chris has recently retired from a long and successful teaching career. He has worked both in Christian secondary schools and, for much of his working life, in special schools for students with intellectual disabilities. Although not a music teacher as such Chris has always used music, singing and his guitar playing as indispensible tools in his work with his students.

Chris has completed recognised tertiary theological courses and, apart from being an enthusiastic and active Christian, is well grounded in strong Biblical and Gospel understandings.
For over thirty years he has been a member of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Para Vista, S.A, where he has been regularly involved in the musical side of worship and children’s ministry.

Chris’ main focus in his writing, singing and performing has been on younger children (Pre school and primary) although he has also composed and recorded some inspiring songs for the not so young. He has produced four albums, JAM, GO GO GO, THUMBS UP and NIGHT & DAY. Along with his own vocals and well-crafted guitar work his recordings include a wide variety of instruments, bold harmonies, the energetic voices of children and even the majestic sound of a church choir. His songs are all available on CD and also through the popular digital sources. With their strongly biblically-based lyrics and a wide variety of musical styles (everything from rock to rap, bluegrass to folk and country) these have proven to be popular resources for families, churches and schools.



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