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What is a miracle? An acceptable definition would see it as an unusual occurrence, a supernatural event which defies the laws of nature, always with a very positive outcome, such as someone rising from death or being cured suddenly of a serious illness.

Most people would deny ever having witnessed a miracle or having any connections with someone who has experienced one. On the other hand I maintain that miracles surround us and occur every moment of every day, from the multiple variations of the weather to the life cycles of insects, from the mysteries and beauty of deep space to the complex activities of the human brain.

Richard Attenborough’s popular series Life On Earth could easily be renamed Miracles of Life On Earth, so packed it is with amazing creatures and phenomena.

For me at prime position amongst the miracles of the natural world is human pregnancy and the birth and development of a baby. Too easy to take for granted is the incredible fact of a new life created. Too easy to miss are the tiny but amazing steps from babyhood through childhood to adulthood.

Sadly every new baby is born into an uncertain world where the reality of sin is always lurking.  But thank the Lord for baptism, the miracle of all miracles through which God destroys the power of darkness in the lives of people and transports them into His eternal inheritance.


Psalm 19:1, Psalm 139:13-14, Gen 1:1-31, Mark 16:16, Acts 2:38, Gal 3:27


Some people say that miracles are rare,

As hard to catch as whispers in the air,

As hard to see as stardust in the sky,

Elusive as a winter butterfly.


But as we see this child before us now

we know a miracle has come.

We see this wonder and delight

at this new life now begun.



Praise the Lord. Yes it’s time to give Him praise.

Praise the Lord for this miracle He’s made.

For this special gift of love sent down from above     

Praise the Lord.


As we stand together here today

Another miracle has come our way.

Through water and the word, God’s mystery,

This child has moved into eternity.


As we see this child before us now

We know a miracle has come.

God’s made this child into his own,

A miracle of new life through his Son.




And may this family every day behold

As constantly fresh miracles unfold:

A baby’s cry or happy, chuckling smile,

First steps, first words, a growing healthy child.


As we see this child before us now

We know a miracle has come.

We see this wonder and delight

At this new life now begun.




Chris Jaensch.© 2014