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He’s Done It All

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As a teenager I read an amazing book called How to be a Christian without being Religious, a study of the book of Romans. The message was loud and clear and incredibly liberating. As opposed to all other religions which lay on the individual the impossible task of earning God’s love and acceptance, St Paul’s words in Romans free us to simply accept God’s love and forgiveness. God recognises our inability, despite any amount of effort, to satisfy his perfect standards and, because of his love for us, provided a way through Jesus for us to be totally acceptable to him.  Jesus led the perfect life for us and suffered the punishment we deserve for our imperfection.

Certainly God wants us to try to live a good life…..but not to earn his favour. As my song celebrates, He’s done it all.  The purpose of our lives is not to try to earn God’s love, but to live in God’s love and to share that love with others in the way we live our lives.


John 3:16, Rom 3:23-25, Rom 3:27-28, Rom 5:1-2, Eph 2:4-10, Mark 16:16, John 5:24



You could climb the highest mountain to find the Father’s love.

You could sing a thousand praises to bring His grace down from above.

But it’s nothing that we do and nothing that we’ve done.

It’s nothing but the perfect gift that was given through His Son.



He’s done it all when He died for me.

He’s done it all. He’s come to set us free.

When He rose from the grave my life He saved.

He’s done it all once and for all.


You could live a life of solitude, spend your days in humble prayer,

Do constant acts of kindness to show him that you’re there.

But He loved you from the moment creation first began.

No matter what you do or say He loves you just the same.


Chorus X 2


It doesn’t matter who you are, doesn’t matter where you’re from;

North or South or East or West He wants you for his own.

Young or old or black or white, in happy times or desperate plight.

He’s done it all.




Chris Jaensch.© 2014