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Sinner Number One

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Paul, the apostle, helped to write this song. He called himself the ‘greatest of sinners’… Sinner

Number One.  1 Timothy 1:15-16 But Paul was certain, as we can be certain, that Jesus loves us

all, whoever we are, whatever we’ve done.


Once I was covered by a dirty layer of sin.

Boy, did I need a clean-up on the outside and within.

I didn’t look too good, now, with the bad things that I’d done

and the good things I hadn’t got around to doin’

I was sinner number one.



But Jesus died to wash away my sin

And now I’m clean.

Jesus died to wash away my sin,

And now I’m clean.


Now I’m walkin’ with Jesus I still fall down

In the mud and in the dirt I lie helpless on the ground.

But all I need to tell him is that I’ve fallen down again

And He’s right there to pick me up and wash me clean.




C. Chris Jaensch 1985