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Who Could Ask for Anything More?

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It’s hard for all of us not to be caught up in material things. With advertising tempting

us from all directions, with the latest luxuries capturing our attention, we so often

fall into the trap of saying, and believing, “I need that!” However, when it comes to the

crunch (and we all will come to the ‘crunch’ one day) there’s only one thing we really

need; the love and forgiveness that Jesus brings. Someone once said, “hearses never

have trailers” How true is that? No, we can’t take our Earthly junk with us when we die.

But the love of Jesus is with us for eternity.Who could ask for anything more?

2Cor 4:18 Rom 5:6-11 1Cor 1:4-9 Eph 1:3-8

As I think about the life and death of Jesus one thing always stands out in my mind.

Jesus didn’t have to do it. Even as He was tortured, even as He hung on the cross, He

had the power to break His shackles, strike down His torturers and leave this evil world

forever. Who would have blamed Him? But He chose not to, choosing instead to go

down the hard road of God’s salvation plan.Who could ask for a greater love than this?

Matt 26:36-46 Phil 2:6-11



Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me.

Who could ask for anything more?

Who could ask for anything more?

Jesus born in Bethlehem, God’s precious, only Son,

A baby born so long ago, a gift for everyone.

He lived his life, He showed the way,

He healed, He raised the dead.

He showed His love to all who came to hear the words He said.




Jesus could have lived a life of riches, like a king

But Jesus had a job to do as hard as anything

He took our sins upon his back when he suffered and he died

He loves us for eternity. His arms are open wide




© Chris Jaensch 2005