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Come Let Us Praise the Lord

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Isn’t it amazing! The person who 3000 years ago wrote Psalm 95 was celebrating

the same loving and powerful God that we worship today. Isn’t it incredible how God’s

people from all realms of history have a common focus? Isn’t it comforting and

exciting that, in this world which contains so much that can threaten and harm us, God is

our protector, our bodyguard, who rules over and controls everything?

Psalm 95 Eph 1:18-2



Come let us praise the Lord.

Sing to our Protector and Saviour.

Come let us thank, thank the Lord



For the Lord is a mighty God.

A mighty King over all the Gods.

He rules over the Earth,

Over the Sea

Over the sky

Over the mountains

Over the plains

Over the deserts

Over the World.


© Chris Jaensch 1974