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Doubting Thomas

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Sometimes we wonder why certain stories appear in the Bible. I reckon I know why

Thomas’ story was in the mix. Thomas is us. Don’t we think like this? Jesus lived

2000 years ago in a totally different time and place. The people who lived during that

time were lucky. They literally saw Him, met him. They had actual contact with Him.

What proof do we have? We haven’t seen Jesus. He hasn’t spoken to us.

But we have, and He has. The Bible has story after story of who Jesus was, what

He said and what He did. The historical evidence is there. And God gives us the

faith to believe. That’s good enough for me! “Happy are those who have not seen and

yet believe!”

John 20:24-31 Rom 1:16-17


Thomas was a man, Jesus friend.

He saw him die. He thought it was the end.

All his hopes were blown away

on the cross on that terrible day.

But Jesus rose again on Easter day.

He left the grave, rolled the rock away.

He showed the world he was the King

of death and life, of everything.



Don’t be a doubting Thomas.

Jesus is plain to see.

He came and He lived and He died

and He rose again to set His people free.

The Bible says that He loves me eternally.

That’s good enough for me.

Jesus was alive, but Thomas couldn’t


He thought that he was being deceived.

But when he touched Jesus hands and side

His doubt was cast aside.



© Chris Jaensch 2005