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Thank the Good Lord

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Isn’t it strange and sad that we so often take for granted all of the great things that

God gives us. If we actually counted all of our blessings we would run out of numbers.

This song celebrates those most important gifts, the ones we can’t do without, namely

God’s love and forgiveness and the promise of eternal life with Him. No wonder it’s such

a bright and happy song! It won’t surprise me if there are lots of banjos, fiddles and

guitars in Heaven.

Eph 1:3-8 Psalm 103


Thank the Good Lord for all he’s done.

Thank the Good Lord for livin’

Thank the Good Lord for giving His love

and all my sins forgivin’.

He came to me to save my soul.

He came to set me free.

He’ll look after me for all my life

and all eternity.

© Chris Jaensch 2001