The Sounds of Alleluia

Late every year as the shops and malls peddle their very commercial Christmas message we hear in the background the sounds of Christmas carols. Some are the much loved and very popular classics while others are newer original compositions. Many tell the true Christmas story and gospel message while many more celebrate the secular elements of the season.  Clearly carols enjoy the greatest exposure to the general population on community carols nights often popularly called ‘Carols by candlelight’. I find it both quite curious but also heartwarming to consider the popularity of these events: here we have what is often largely a secular crowd of people celebrating a Christian festival, joining in singing songs about the birth of Jesus. Some would suggest a good deal of hypocrisy. However I love the wonderful open revelation of the Gospel and the potential each year for those who don’t believe to actually hear and believe the words they are listening to and singing.  Where else in a public setting is salvation proclaimed so openly?

Over the years I have written a number of Christmas songs. Jingle Jingle, Get Ready, Come and see Jesus, Simply Christmas, Saviour Baby and Make Room each express  different messages I’ve wanted to pass on about the Christmas story.  The Sounds of Alleluia is possibly the closest to a traditional carol that I’ve written, both telling the story of Christmas and celebrating the good news of Christ’s birth. From the moment I wrote it I knew that I needed a traditional church choir to take the song to the heights I intended. Quite appropriately it was the Bethlehem church choir (in South Australia, not Israel) that came to the party with their majestic voices and rousing harmonies.


Luke 2:1-20, Matt 1:18- 2:12, Gal 4:4-5, Phil 2:5-11


A long time ago back in ancient of times

The people were searching for reason and rhyme.

Their days were a struggle of conflict and strife.

Where was their God in their uncertain life?

The prophet Isaiah spoke out to the crowd.

His message was clear and his words, they were loud:

“A new king is coming, of eternal reign,

A Saviour, a servant, who’ll take on our shame.”



And the angels sang, their voices rang

With the sounds of “Alleluia”

The Prince of Peace, Immanuel has come. “Alleluia”


In Bethlehem town in the deep of the night

A baby was born. To darkness came light.

A humble beginning, inconspicuous birth;

God the Almighty but a child of the earth.

A babe in a manger and a star were the signs

Of the promise of God for all people, all time.

Shepherds sought Jesus and praised him as king

And wise men brought gifts as their praise offering.


Chorus X 2


True man and true God, Jesus lived out his life.

He challenged all evil and he fought the pure fight.

He cared for all people and he tended the poor.

He taught life eternal and he opened the door.

Wonderful Counsellor, Lord of all lords,

King of all kings and Almighty God,

Prince of Peace and Immanuel

who came down to earth as a Saviour for all.


Chorus X 2


Chris Jaensch.© 2015