Going Nowhere

A number of years ago I became totally lost trying to make my way to present a worship-concert at a school in Queensland. I had not checked the street directory before leaving, and I made big assumptions about my ability to find my way and the time it would take to get there. I was going nowhere until I rang the school for help and took the time to properly check the directory.

Life in general can be much the same. If we rely just on ourselves, if we not familiar enough with the directory (the Bible) and aren’t willing to allow God to give us directions we really are headed for nowhere. Psalm 119:105,

Matt 6:19-21, Matt 6:24, Rom 8:5, Prov 2:1-15, Prov 3:1-8, Prov 4:18-19,

2 Cor 4:18, Acts 4:12, Eph 4:17-32, Matt 7:13.



Your Word is a lamp unto my feet

Your Word is a Light to guide my way.

All around me the World is darkness,

Temptations luring, appear like brightness.

Oh Lord, keep me on your way.


Your Word is a lamp unto my feet.

Your wisdom guides my every day.

Send me your Spirit, let me not wander,

Let me not fall down, Oh make me stronger

Oh, Lord, help me on my way.


Jesus, Light of the World, shine out into my darkness.

Your light leads me to life. I’m going nowhere without you.


I’m going nowhere,                    I’m going nowhere,

I’m going nowhere,                   I’m going nowhere without you.


Your Word is a lamp unto my feet.

Your Word is the light to guide my day.

Even when your light is brightest

I lose my way, fall into darkness.

Take my hand and lead me on my way.


C. Chris Jaensch  September 2008