You Are the Way

“Life’s good.” This is a catchy little phrase that some companies use as the key advertising slogan for the sale of their products.

The truth is that life is not always good. It is in fact very changeable and unpredictable and can be very challenging. In fact for some it is overwhelmingly bad. Life can so suddenly deal us illness, accident, job loss, family breakdown, and of course death is always hovering. We are drawn this way and that into lifestyles, habits and temptations (such as material possessions and selfish living) that promise satisfaction and happiness but that ultimately let us down and so easily draw us into a life of disappointment, depression and even self destruction. It may take only a moment in time for the so-called ”good life” to be shattered. Clearly we need something far more stable, reliable and long lasting.

It is only through Jesus that the good life is truly achievable. He is the Way. His truth is the only ‘truth” that is totally reliable, and it is only ‘the life’ that we have through him that is truly good and eternal.


John 14:6, 1 John 2:15-17, Matt 4:4, John 10:9, John 10:1-10, John 1:14, John 8:31-32, Psalm 25:5, 1 John 5:11-12, John 6:35, John 11:25, John 16:33



In our lives we wander in the darkness.

So easily we turn and lose our way.

So often we choose the wrong direction

And we stumble, trip and fall down every day.


Pre Chorus

But Your arms are strong, Your heart is always seeking

To pick us up and lead us through the haze.

Your love will never, ever, ever leave us.

Your guiding light will never ever fade.



You are the Way and you’re always there to guide us.

You are the Truth: Your word will never fail.

You are the Life and death can never hold us.

You are our God, the Life, the Truth, the Way.


In our lives we’re thrown into distraction

With tempting lies confusing right and wrong.

The king of lies convinces and seduces.

In our weakness we forget where we belong.






In this life death is always certain.

It may only take a moment to arrive.

We know we must all face the final curtain.

Through times of grief it’s so hard to survive.




Chorus X 2


Chris Jaensch.© 2017