Jingle Jingle

Calypso style music has a flavour and feeling all of its own; relaxed and yet exciting. This song

can be sung at Christmas, or at any time of the year. It tells about all the different ways Jesus

comes to us                                                    


Jingle, jingle all the way. [Echo]

Let the sleigh bells ring. [Echo]

Santa is the messenger. [Echo]

Jesus is the King. [Echo]


 1.   He comes to us on Christmas day

       a tiny, baby boy,

       a promise kept, from God with love.

       Let’s sing a song of joy.




2.   He comes into our lives each day

      with gifts to make us sing:

      forgiveness, peace and love and hope.

      Yes, Jesus is the King.




3.  He’ll come again one brilliant day,

     Jesus, loving King,

     to take us to a special place:

     eternal life with Him.


Refrain X2


C. Chris Jaensch, 1999