Paul, Paul

What an amazing story of God’s power over lives. Saul was a tough nut, as tough as they come,

but God had plans for him. Acts 9:1-19


There once was a Jew, a Pharisee, a man by the name of Saul

He had no time for Jesus Christ. He thought that he knew it all.

The High Priest in Jerusalem had given Saul the right

To arrest every Christian women and man, every one in sight.



Saul, Saul, you didn’t know it all.

You didn’t know what the Lord had in store for you.

Paul, Paul, you heard the call.

Jesus was your Saviour too, Jesus was your Lord.


Well he hit the road for Damascus town with just one thing in his head:

To try to crush the Christian church, to break it, stop it dead.

But suddenly a light shone all around and blinded both his eyes.

He fell to the ground and he heard the voice, the voice of Jesus Christ.



They led him slowly into town. Three days he could not see.

He didn’t eat, he didn’t drink. He was stunned as he could be.

Then a man, Ananias, called by God, came visiting that day.

He spoke and he lay his hands on him, and the Spirit came to stay.




A new man came alive that day, full of truth and full of grace.

The Holy Spirit gave him strength to go out and show his face.

The World was shocked to hear him speak the living Gospel word.

Paul was God’s new miracle and Jesus was His Lord.




C.  Chris Jaensch.   1990