Living Each Day for My Lord

Read the stories about Jesus. He mixed with and loved all sorts of people, whoever they were,

whatever they did. Check out the verses of this song: a farm boy, a shopkeeper, and a wrinkled,

old man. Quite a range! But there are lots more verses to be written. What about a verse about

you? Go for it! Ephesians 2:8-10 Ephesians 5:1-2


1.     My name’s Tom, I’m a farmer’s son,

       I’m moving ‘round the farm until the day is done.

              Rounding up the sheep or only having fun

              I’m living each day for my Lord.


    My Lord, He made me whole and now I’m feeling really tall.

    He wants me to live for him, so I’m living each day for my Lord.


      2.     My name’s Sam, I’m a big store man.

       Every day I like to serve my fellow man,

       selling him goods new and second hand.

       I’m living each day for my Lord



   He died on Calvary. He died to set us all free.

   He died to take all my cares away.


3      I’m rusty old Bill and I’m over the hill.

       I’m ninety five and going on a hundred, but still

       I’ve had my share of life, Oh yes, I’ve had my fill.

       I’m living each day for my Lord



C. Chris Jaensch. 1987