How many different types of jam can you think of? My favourite has two ingredients:

Jesus… And… Me. Ephesians 1:3-14

Why not make up your own verses? This song could go on for ages.


  1. You can spread it on toast, [Echo]

             or spread it on bread, [Echo]

             a sandwich if you like, [Echo]

             or a muffin instead. [Echo]



But that’s not the jam I’m talking about.

It’s something else instead.

The JAM I’m talkin’s when I keep on walkin’

With Jesus in my heart and my head.

Jesus And Me  -  JAM

Good Company  -  JAM

He died and He rose again to set me free

to be the me that He wants me to be  -  JAM


        2.  There’s strawberry jam, [Echo]

             a traffic jam, [Echo]

             getting in a jam, [Echo]

             or jamming with the band. [Echo]




C. Chris Jaensch.1992