It’s hard not to feel good when someone looks you in the eye, smiles, and says, ‘Gidday!’

This song gets everyone saying, ‘Gidday!’… and smiling.

Songs with echoes are fun and so easy to learn. And what variations! Take it in turns with the different parts.



Gidday!. [Echo]

How ya goin’? [Echo]

.Alright? [Echo]

That’s great! [Echo]


1. There’s a new day starting, and it’s bright and new.

    Lots of people to see, lots of things to do.

    We’re asking Jesus to see us through.

    He’s the best of  friends for me and you.      


2. God gave you a whole life to live,

    lots of time to love, lots of time to give,

    a happy smile and a voice to say,

    “Do you need a friend, I think you’re O.K.


3. In the middle of the day when you’re rolling on

    don’t forget who sent you and where you’re from.

    Spend a little time before the day is gone

    Talking to Jesus and singing his song.



                 C. Chris Jaensch, Oct. 1999