Jesus' Mighty Team

Isn’t sport a fantastic part of our lifestyle? When you think about it, there are so many

similarities between a sporting match and our lives as Christians. We are on God’s

mighty team with Jesus as our captain. Satan’s powerful team is constantly

challenging us. It’s hard work resisting his attacks. Each time we sin that’s a goal

to them. But Jesus is our great defender. Through His strength we can rebound. And

Jesus has scored the goals. On the cross he defeated Satan once and for all.

Yes, the match goes on constantly, but we can be sure that we have the ultimate victory

because of Jesus.

Rom 8:31-37 Eph 1:18-23 Phil 1:27-3 John 16:33 Col 2:13-15 Rom 1:16-17 Psalm 118:5-16


Thanks, God, for Aussie rules football and the passion that oozes from these two A.F.L.songs.

Adelaide Crows fans? Your song is on my JAM CD

The melody of “Jesus’ Mighty Team” is derived from the traditional Marseillaise(Public Domain)

Thanks to the Port Adelaide Football Club for permission to use their melody in “God’s Power”


We are Jesus mighty team

We are champions of the Lord

Through His death we’ve won the victory

Yes, Satan’s lost for sure.

All for One and one for all.

We will answer to the call.

With Jesus as the Captain

We’ll kick the winning score.

You’ll hear the mighty roar.


© Chris Jaensch 2005