Born Forever

As we celebrate the birth of a healthy baby, the last thing o n our minds is the eventual

death of that child. What an awful thought! But the truth is that life is short, and very

fragile, and death is always inevitable, closer than we’d like to think. But this song

celebrates our second birth, our baptism, when we are born again, born for eternity.

Once we’re accepted into God’s kingdom through baptism, our human death is

merely the doorway to eternal life with Jesus. Praise God for the waters of love!

John 3:1-6 Rom 8:38-39 2Cor 4:18



I was born for now. Now I’m born forever

By the power of the Father and the Spirit and the Son.

I was born to death. Now I’m born to life eternal,

Risen with the Risen One.


Born to this World with a burden to bear:

The truth of our natures we all have to share.

Though intentions are good we can’t do what we should

And our lives lead us on to despair.




As God’s loving Word Jesus came to this Earth.

Through His great resurrection He conquered our death.

On our Baptism day washed our sins right away,

Gave us life through a perfect new birth.




A child brought before you, not knowing or wise,

Is precious and special in your loving eyes.

May your Spirit, the dove, through these waters of love

Bring in faith, let a new child rise.




Praise to the Father for giving us His Son.

Praises to Jesus for loving everyone.

Praise to the Spirit for all that He has done

Through these waters of love.


© Chris Jaensch 1991