Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti? Sounds like some sort of lolly or dessert. But far from it. The Tutti Frutti

that this song focuses on is far sweeter and more worth having than anything nice to

eat. The song celebrates the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Think of yourself as a tree or a vine. As God feeds you through His Word and the Holy Spirit you grow and mature. But who needs

a tree or a vine that has no fruit? As you grow you produce fruit, fruit that makes you

a blessing to all around you, and makes God the gardener smile.

Gal 5:16-26 1Cor 13 John 14:6, 15:1-7 2Tim 1:6-7



Tutti Frutti, Tutti Frutti now.

Tutti Frutti, Frutti, Yeah!

Tutti Frutti, Tutti Frutti now.

Tutti Frutti, Yeah!


Let the Spirit into your life, let the Spirit come through.

Pray to God for the Spirit to come, and He’ll give to you.

Love! Joy! Peace! Patience!




We’re the branches on Jesus’ vine. He’s the Truth and the Way.

With His words running through our lives, we’ll bear fruit every day.

Kindness! Goodness! Faithfulness! Humility! Self control!




© Chris Jaensch 2002