Open the Door

This song tells a fascinating story. On the one hand we see a crippled man, whose

friends have enough faith and trust in Jesus to go to desperate measures to make

contact with Him to help their mate. On the other hand we see the astonishing love and

power of Jesus as He heals a man’s soul and body with a simple command. But the

message of Jesus’ miracle is more than that. The song says it clearly. We,like that

crippled man, need healing from Jesus. Each day our sin sickness threatens us. The

invitation is there. All we have to do is say “yes” and open the door and let Him in.

Mark 2:1-12 Matt 7:7-11


There once was a man, could do no walkin’.

He was crippled and lame. His friends got to talkin’.

Jesus was in town, that miracle man.

With crowds all around they made their plan.



Open the roof and let him in.

Open the roof and let him in.

Open the roof and let him in.

And Jesus will wash away his sin,

Jesus will make him walk again.


They took their friend, stretcher and all,

up to the roof, right over the wall.

They made a hole, let the stretcher down.

Jesus was there. Their faith was sound.




The man was healed, before their eyes.

His sins were forgiven. The crowd were made wise.




We all need healing like that man.

We’re sick with sin, crippled with shame.

We need a healer. It’s easy to tell.

Jesus is the one. He’ll make us well.


Open the door and let Him in.

Open your heart and let Him in.

Open your life and let Him in.

Jesus will wash away your sin.

Jesus will make you new again.


© Chris Jaensch 2003