No Matter What

The apostle Paul is such a major figure in the Bible that many people would be

tempted to picture him as a handsome, well-built heroic type. On the contrary it

seems that he was an ordinary figure of a man with a painful physical disability.

After his conversion Paul devoted his life to serving God and spreading the good news,

and his life was difficult. Apart from threats to his life, imprisonment, and many other

hardships, his disability weighed heavily on him. However Paul accepted his lot

in life because he knew that, in the long run, God’s love and grace was all he really

needed and that, in fact, suffering would actually make him a better servant of God.

Yes, Paul believed, as we can believe, that, no matter what happens in life, “God’s

grace is sufficient for me”

2Cor 12:7-10, 4:7-18 Rom 8:18-39 esp 18, 28 & 35-39 Heb 13:5-6



No matter what this old World dishes out,

No matter what, I have no doubt,

No matter what, Your grace is sufficient for me.


A little boy sitting in a market place

With dirt on his hands and hunger on his face.

He doesn’t know where his next meal’s coming from.

His mum’s so poor, he can’t find his dad.

That’s not so good, things are looking bad,

but that little boy’s got a smile on his face instead.




A little old lady in a waiting room,

Her husband’s very ill, could be dead soon.

She sits there waiting with a sad, sad tear in her eye

They’ve been together more than fifty years

They’ve shared their laughter and they’ve shared their tears

And they’ve shared the precious love of God in their lives.




A young man working in the dead of night

Too much to do, he’s stretched so tight

He doesn’t know how he’ll make through the day.

A teenage girl, with a boyfriend gone,

There’s nothing worse than being alone.

Her skies have turned from blue to cloudy grey.



© Chris Jaensch 2006