Live Forevermore

This is certainly not the first song based on John 3:16. But what a great little Bible text!

No wonder people like writing songs about it. It’s the good news in a nutshell. Believe

in Jesus and live forevermore. Wow! That’s an eternity!

John 3:16 Rom 5:6-11, 3:22-24


God loved the World so much that He gave

His only Son that we might be saved.

Whoever believes in Jesus’ name

will live forevermore.

Jesus……………..Live forevermore


Bridge Rap.

It’s not what we do. It’s what He’s done.

It’s the love of the Father that’s second to none.

It’s the death and the rising of Jesus the Son.

It’s the life that He’s given and the freedom

He’s won.


© Chris Jaensch 2004