Shine On Us

God loves us. There is no greater truth in the Bible. How devastating for Him to see how through history people have so constantly rejected and neglected Him. How justified would God have been had He decided to destroy the creation that in so many ways had turned its back on Him. But how miraculous that He loved His people so much that He sent His only Son Jesus to suffer and die so that that would not happen and that people would have the chance to live eternally with Him.

This love of God was seen vividly in the life of Jesus. Many times He must have despaired over how people misunderstood and rejected His message and continued to live lives of sin. Especially when He was suffering on the cross, how tempting was it for Him to use His almighty power to simply release Himself and leave the Earth and its people to their deserved eternal fate. But no! Like God and with God His love was too strong.

Phil 2:6-11, John 3:16, 2 Peter 3:8-9, 1 Tim 1:12-16, Psalm 86:15, Rom 9:22, Eph 2:4-5.


Earth and Heaven you created, perfect and pure in every way

And man and woman in your image to live and prosper in your way.

But we chose in our rebellion to try and make it on our own:

A life of sin and self ambition that made death our final home.



But your love was too strong

To allow all your children just to carry on

So you came in your love

To shine through our darkness through your only Son.



Jesus, shine on all your children

Every day throughout the year.

Open up to us the way of lightness

Your love and mercy bright and clear,

Your love and mercy bright and clear.


You could have kept your distance, you could have stayed away.

You could have left us hopeless in the darkness that we’d made.

You could have stayed in heaven in the glory that is yours

Left us to our destruction and the fate of broken laws.





C. Chris Jaensch   Christmas 2010