Saviour Baby

The Bible weaves a fascinating tale of prophecy, expectation and fulfilment as it reveals God’s amazing plan of salvation. The simple but stark truth was that, in order to be able to accept humankind back into His kingdom, our just God had to follow through the punishment for every fragment of sin ever committed. The Bible clearly states, “The wages of sin is death.”(Rom 6:23) But instead of punishing those who had sinned (every single one of us) he had to punish another human in our place, a person who was truly human but who had never sinned. Hence God sent His son Jesus to be born to Mary. And the rest is His-Story. Luke 2:1-20, Rom 3:21-26, Rom 8:1-4,

Heb 4:14-16.


In ages past the prophets told

Of things to come, of things of God.

They spoke to men of hope and love.

They told how God would one day send

A Saviour, Prophet, Priest and King,

God’s only Son sent from above.


Years beyond in Bethlehem,

A village hardly known to men,

A child was born, a humble birth.

A dirty stable, winter night,

His loving mother held him tight.

This was the Saviour of the Earth.


A star shone brightly in the night.

Hillside shepherds stood in fright

 As angels sang of joyful things.

The shepherds, longing, left their sheep

And rushed into the town to seek

The Saviour baby, King of Kings.


Jesus grew into a man,

The climax of the mighty plan.

He healed, He preached he showed the way.

He suffered for all the sins of man.

He died and then He rose again

and drove the fear of death away.


Christmas has again come ‘round

And all about you hear the sound

Of celebrating. Life is good.

Let’s sing with joy and thanks and praise.

Jesus gave us life again, this baby born,

This Son of God.


C. Chris Jaensch  1990