Come and See Jesus

It’s fascinating to watch and listen to people as they gather to catch a glimpse of a famous singer or TV or sports star, especially if they actually get the chance to meet them and exchange a few words or nab a precious autograph. What excitement is in the air? Imagine the people of Jesus’ day when they heard that Jesus was in town; Jesus, the Messiah promised so long ago by the prophets of the old Testament, Jesus the healer and raiser of the dead, Jesus the bringer of comfort and hope. Certainly they would have been excitedly telling friends and family and neighbours, “Come and see Jesus!” 

Jesus is with us every moment of every day. Don’t ever take that for granted. Get out and invite the people around you to “Come and see Jesus!”  Matt 28:19-20, 

2 Tim 4:1-2, Matt 5:14-16, Matt 5:8-11, Rev 17:14, Luke 1: 30-33, Rom 5:8-11, Psalm 113:3.


He was born in a stable in Bethlehem,

a humble beginning for the King of kings!

The prophets of old, they said he’d come:

The Messiah, Saviour, God’s own Son!


Come and see Jesus, come and see Jesus.

He died on the cross and He rose again.

Come and see Jesus, come and see Jesus.

He’ll be your King and He’ll be your friend.


While He lived on Earth He showed the way:

How to love, how to give and how to pray.

Wonderful things He did and said.

He preached new life and He raised the dead.




From the moment we’re born we’re lost in sin.

We’re trapped and we’re helpless, don’t know where to begin.

But Jesus opened up the door

And now we can be free forevermore.


Chorus X2


C. Chris Jaensch 1997