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Lyrics & Devotional Notes

Jesus March

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There’s something powerful and inspiring about a troop of soldiers in chorus, with the sergeant

chanting and the troops echoing his words.

Why not sing this song on the march? Follow the leader, march boldly, and let the world hear the words. Why not add a percussion section? Make up your own words. It’s not hard. March on!


Jesus is my special friend. [Echo]

He will love me to the end. [Echo]

He will take me to His home. [Echo]

I will never be alone. [Echo]


Jesus took away my sin. [Echo]

Heaven’s here, I’m going in. [Echo]

Now I’m feeling pretty fine. [Echo]

Jesus’ love is yours and mine. [Echo]


Jesus [Echo]

Loves me [Echo]   

Jesus [Echo]

Loves me. [Echo]   



I am Jesus little child [Echo]

Even when I’m acting wild. [Echo]

Jesus loves me all the same. [Echo]

For my sin He took the blame. [Echo]


Even when life’s pretty bad, [Echo]

Don’t be bitter, don’t be sad. [Echo]

Jesus is your closest friend. [Echo]

He will love you to the end. [Echo]


Jesus [Echo]

Loves me [Echo]

Jesus [Echo]

Loves me. [Echo]


Jesus loves me, this I know [Echo]

For the Bible tells me so. [Echo]

He has washed away my sin, [Echo]

Let His little child come in. [Echo]


Jesus [Echo]

Loves me [Echo]

Jesus [Echo]

Loves me. [Echo]


Lyrics: C. Chris Jaensch and traditional.  Tune: Traditional