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When the Spirit Comes

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Have you ever read an exciting and gripping novel that you just can’t put down. The book

of Acts is one of these. It’s a fast-moving, action-packed story which starts with an

incredible promise of Jesus, and launches into the tense and stirring adventures of the

disciples as they, following Jesus’ command and promise, move through the middle

Eastern world spreading the good news. Despite dangers and threats against their

lives they forge on, knowing that the power of God is with them.

This song is a joyful round which captures Jesus’ promise, not just to His disciples

2000 years ago, but to us today.

Acts 1:8


When the Spirit comes,

when the Spirit comes,

you will be my witnesses.

You will have the Power of God

and you’ll witness to the rest of the World


© Chris Jaensch 1974