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Lyrics & Devotional Notes


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Why is Christianity so special? How is it different from other faiths? How is the God

of the Bible different from the gods of other religions? Actually it’s pretty simple. With

other religions man is striving for perfection, believing that he can reach God through his

own sacrifices and efforts. But God knows us better than that. Like a loving father

He knows that, no matter how hard we try, even if we are a Mother Theresa, we just

can’t lead the perfect life that He requires. And so He doesn’t demand perfection

from us. No. All he asks of us is that we believe in His son Jesus, who was perfect

for us and who took the punishment for our imperfection, our sin. There are no

conditions on God’s love. Forgiveness and eternal life are free gifts. It’s as simple as

counting to ten.

Rom 5:6-11, 3:22-26


1, 2. God loves you.

3, 4. He loves you more.

More than you’d ever imagine.

5, 6. Your life He’ll fix.

7, 8. He’ll lay it straight.

9, 10. Again and again.


No matter who you are.

No matter what you’ve done.

God loves you completely.

That’s why He sent His Son.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Jesus on the cross He died.

Died so that we could be saved.

6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Jesus He rose again.

He said goodbye to the grave.


God loves you. God loves me.

God loves everybody unconditionally.


© Chris Jaensch 2004