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Live Music

Chris Live

Chris is available for performances in a wide range of contexts.  His performances involve a variety of songs interspersed with faith stories, with a bit of fun along the way. Chris likes to call his longer presentations ‘Worship Concerts”, occasions to enjoy some good music but with the opportunity at the same time to praise God and hear his message.

Although his focus is on ministering to pre-school and primary school aged children as well as families with younger children, he also presents an entertaining performance and inspiring and relevant message for older folk. As an experienced teacher and performer he is very flexible in the type and form of presentation and is always willing to negotiate on what would work best in any particular context.

Types of Performances


  • Christian primary schools
  • Sunday schools/kids’ clubs
  • Camps
  • School holiday programmes
  • Children’s addresses
  • Outreach events
  • Kindergartens/playgroups


  • Church services – an inspiring variation from normal Sunday Worship
  • Special celebrations (e.g. Advent)
  • Church and community events (e.g. Carols)
  • Retreats, conferences

What's Involved in Getting Chris to Come and Perform

COSTS: To help support his music and mission Chris asks for an appropriate donation. This may range from $100 to $400, dependent on various factors (performance length, size of church/school/organization, travelling distance, financial/other circumstances). Chris also requests that you keep some copies of his CDs in your office/centre to sell over the weeks following his visit.



Contact Chris by phone or email to negotiate a date and get the ball rolling.

Phone: (H) 08 8263 6044   (M) 0406 971 553



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Chris comments:  Without a doubt the most rewarding and exciting part of my musical life is presenting to a live audience.  While it is very great to know that my CDs are being played and the message being spread in cars, homes, churches and schools, nothing can beat that personal interaction with people in a live setting.  Each and every time I perform for children in particular I am struck by how receptive they are, how much they enjoy a live performance and what a powerful position of influence I am in. What a wonderful opportunity I have to spread some good news through my words and music!”